In Villa

Laura and Mauro, friends of mine and great decorators, painters + restorers, are restoring in Villa Gamberaia near Florence a special antique chic patterned wall. Inspiring and... oh beautiful. In the last pic you can see how the wall was before the beginning of the work.

Beijing opening

The opening of the new olympic games has been fantastic. It has ispired me a lot. Design, architecture plus music dance art e technology. Great. If human right will take voice in China it will be a really big country.

Beijing 2008 - All fit

Get olympic! Finally this watch I designed for Swatch ("All fit") is out. The other two: "Chinese Dreams" and "Good destiny", by me too, are already in the shops.


I stop bloggin' all the month of august. Stay well and enjoy summer. See you the beginning of September (...maybe some guerrilla post will happen even in august, who knows?)

Goldie's Fuzzies

She's an icon. Goldie Hawn in "Cactusflower" is fantastic. And her fuzzies? Back on the street? Here are some famous movie fuzzies from Keep your feet warm and stylish with fuzzies!