Colette x Gap

It's going to close on the 5 october. The Gap temporary store by Colette in New York. I admire a lot the graphic of the website. It is by Kuntzel+Deygas: I love their work.

Wisdom pictures

I love these pictures and their meaning choosed by Landis from his "the two dogs blog", a beautiful blog diary, fashion and fun and feelings oriented, which I often visit.

Studio Aandacht

They make nice and interesting project. This is one of my favourite. It's a tape "Opera". Don't forget Studio Aandacht.

Malik Sidibè

The exhibition at Foam in Amsterdam is touchy and beautiful. Malik Sidibè is a 72 yeard old photographer from Mali who received last year The Golden Lion Award at Biennale di Venezia. He still works in his studio in Bamako. Not to be missed, inside the exposition, is his video interview. He's a masterpiece himself, like his work. Love.