My name is Rosa

Giorgia Galanti signs this beautiful book. Poetry, beauty and philosophy, but in a simply way. It's in english, french and italian to say different things at the same time (in the same page!). This is one of the key to read the book. A precious key. Not to be missed is the graphic. Sweet and raw. In one word coooool... (Already at Colette). Edition Nuages.

Bologna Childrens Book Fair Pt.2

Here my selection from the Illustrators Exhibition in Bologna. From the top: Karolien Vanderstappen, Hyuna Shin and Violeta Lopiz.

Bologna Childrens Book Fair Pt.1

At the Bologna Childrens Book Fair I discovered two books, both had a mention for the fair Award. One is "Little Three" a minimal and poetic pop up book by Katsumi Komagata and the other is "L'Herbier" by Emilie Vast a stylish and modern herbarium (Editions Memo). But the real goal is "My name is Rosa" by Georgia Galanti (Nuages) touching, new, inspiring, cool, (Already at Colette!) Brava Georgia!


On the T Mag website of the New York Times Magazine you can see the special mag on fashion and design. In the last one i found a cool lay-out on 80's furniture.