I fall in love with this tote, in the last Pitti Uomo, by ManifatturePico. Cool with good feeling. They do not have a site but the mail:

Pitti Uomo January 2009 - Part One

Welcome in the wonderful Italy is the concept of the last Pitti Uomo. Fantastic original "luminarie" lights, imported directly from the south of Italy, welcome you in this edition. Sala delle Nazioni space is one of the set I like the most, with the Italian colors flag big rounds mixed with the "luminarie" lights. Strong modern graphics meet the retro Italian athmopshere.

Be Well Soon!

Sometimes I said "Oh no! Another new Mac!" But most of the times I said " Oh this new Mac! I got to have it!" Thanks Mr Job to create these fantastic, stylish, easy to use contemporary toys that made my work and my life, more easy, more beautiful, more happy. Be well soon Mr Jobs.

Copenaghen Kitchenette

My very special correspondent Max found these cute little metal kitchen toys in the window's bar in Copenaghen but unfortunately he does not remeber the address. He rember only that it was in a very popular street for antique shop.